7 steps to take when buying a fixer-upper

There’s the promise of a good deal, of uncovering a beautiful home hidden underneath an ugly one, and of making a profit through hard work. While all of these things are possible, they are only likely to happen if you do things right.”

Pro tips for eco-friendly de-cluttering

A cluttered home can even lead to accidents, mental health issues, and overeating. If you want to enjoy better health, deep cleaning is your best bet.”


How to design your space using inexpensive and simple tips to reduce stress and promote emotional health


closet organization

Check out some of the most effective ways to organize your closet. You’d be surprised what an impact clothing hangers can have on your life!

design resolutions

Easy, budget-friendly design tips to make simple changes around your home and start off fresh in the new year

new year | new decor

2018 Design Trends | “Authenticity and personality are the top two driving forces behind 2018’s up and coming trends…”